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February 21, 2009 - 8:31 pm

It used to be that I had a gajillion things going, and nothing got done.  Pondering this morning, I realize I’ve kind of moved on from that phase, and I’m not quite sure how it happened.  I somehow got the knack for finishing.

Right now I have two knitting projects on the needles, and three knitting bags in my backlog, one of which (apologies, Summer!) I’m still trying to find an interfacting to allow me to complete.  And it’s making me feel a bit queasy.  I want to get the shoulder wrap (Macho Ficchu!  hee!) off the needles this weekend and get back to the yak socks.  And I want to get Squid’s bag completed and off to her, as well as Andey’s.  Summer’s too, if I can make it to the fabric district to scour the shops for a heavy black interfacing that won’t shrink when ironed.

Seriously.  What good is an interfacing that shrinks during the iron-on process, leaving awful bubbling puckers in the dress fabric?  I had a terrible moment with that when the adhesive was setting and I couldn’t find a free corner to get it off already.  I did manage to peel it away from the silk beore they were permanently bonded, but I was terribly worried that I had just destroyed the precious sari silk.  phew.

Also on deck this weekend are tasks in the “maintenance” category, which is stil one I struggle with.

I have bulbs that were purchased too late last fall, which have sadly wintered over in their bags on the front porch.  I’m hoping I can pop them in the ground now and coax them into surviving the insult.  My spring pansies suffered the same fate, as well as a few perennials that had the poor planning to go dormant before getting bought from the garden center at Home Depot, and so were rescued from the trash pile.  I look forward to them being lovely black eyed susans and daylilies and I forget what in the fall, but first I have to convince them that they are only dormant, not actualy dead.  🙂

The fish tank… eh.  The light bar has been broken for ages.  All of the lovely plants that were the purpose for the tank have died, except for one lotus that refuses to give up the ghost.  I at least need to change the water in the tank, and return carbon to the filter now that the snail plague has been erradicated.  I would like to dismantle the light bar and determine what parts are needed; I finally found someone at the company who will help me restore it.  Alternately, I could declare the project dead, and dismantle the whole tank.  I’m down to a couple bottom feeders I should be able to dump on some nearby pet store, or send away via Craigs List.

And last but not least, the truly uninteresting but essential maintenance task- house cleaning.  I’ve been out or busy for three weekends now, and the house shows it.  I’ve spot cleaned a room here or there, but the place needs a good sweep and vacuum, and the bathrooms are in sad states.  Somewhere this weekend that must be addressed.

Saturday morning 9am.  We’ll see how far I’ve gotten with this by Sunday night.

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