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Feeling Better

February 27, 2009 - 8:30 pm

There’s something magic in admitting that thing you didn’t want to admit, isn’t there?  It’s like there was something all blocked up, and I was worried about pulling the plug because I thought it would hurt, so I screwed my courage to the sticking point, held my breath and pulled real hard …..

and it was nice.  It felt good.

Suddenly I’m knitting away merrily on the socks again, making fantastic progress.  I know they’re not my socks.  I don’t know yet whose socks they will be.  But I know whomever gets them, they will want a pair, so I will make #2 as much like #1 as I can make it, bind it off in the same place, and wait until I know what sorts of feet will be at the end of these lovely legs.  Someday, hopefully soon, I’ll rip back the cast-off and put feet on them.  For now, I’m knitting, and it’s flying.

There’s also a sort of overflow into other areas.  I removed *this* block, and suddenly it’s a little easier to write that stupid report at work, a little easier to file that piece of paper rather than adding it to the stack, and hey!  While I’m filing, why don’t I take care of the whole stack?  It’s a little easier to do a lot of things.  Somehow I’ve oiled my emotional gears, and things are moving more freely.  It’s a nice feeling.  I’ve cleared a bunch of niggling nagging tasks off my to-do list today.  Yay me!

This weekend there are a plethora of things on the plate.  Baby boy & I each have a hardware credit on our cellular accounts, so we’re going shopping.  And he has a Target gift certificate burning a hole in his pocket, so we’ll get Bakugan or somesuch as well.  We have cleaning left over from last week, and gardening and laundry to do, and perhaps some ice skating.

Zach most wants to spend some quality time with the boys on the block, since he’s been gone the past two weekends, so we’ll make sure that happens.  I have the knitting bags to get off my plate.  I’m looking forward to a homebody weekend, with very minimal time spent out doing stuff, and as much unstructured time at home as possible.  I think we all need that.

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