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January 14, 2010 - 10:58 pm

It’s been a good day, I guess. Mostly a day of cocooning. I never really got around to eating anything that could be classed as a meal today, but I’m ok with that. There was busy stuff in the morning, and then a long slow afternoon of work, after which I took a “nap” that was three hours long, and caused me to miss both coffee with a friend and my weekly knitting group. Clearly I needed the nap, but I’m kind of bummed, too.

The thing I miss is that, looking back over the day, I can’t recall any moment in which I was struck by something beautiful. It’s been a day spent almost sleepwalking.

The closest thing I can recall was re-working the candle I bought yesterday. It burned down and went out this morning, leaving a lot of unconsumed wax around the edges of the votive holder. I braided a new wick out of cotton cord and rethreaded the little metal base, and then melted the wax in the votive holder in the microwave. Once it was all melted, I dropped the base with the new wick into the candle, and lit it.

I enjoyed watching the process of the wax transforming from a clear amber colored liquid back into a creamy beige solid. I was working, rattling away at the keyboard, and sitting next to me was this little light. Slowly the wax got white and translucent, starting with just a skim in the corners of the dish. Every time I glanced at it, the solid wax was closing in on the little flame, but while it was liquid in the middle the flame held out.

Unfortunately as soon as the wax fully cooled, the candle rapidly burned through the thin layer around it. The votive holder is way too big. I may melt it again, and pour it into a taller, narrower container. I’m enjoying the scent, and the little flame.

Not my most inspired writing, this. I’m sleepy, though, and think I’ll go back to bed for the rest of the night. Hopefully I will wake up recharged, and have more to share tomorrow.

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