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Travelling to Damascus

January 14, 2010 - 10:26 pm

This draft got lost somehow and forgotten.  It’s almost 2 yrs old, but I just found it and want to post it. (12/9/11)

I have been folded and beaten and put through the fire so many times, but I think in this last cycle I finally took my temper.  So much that was unnecessary and unhelpful has fallen away, and so much that I never valued has come to light.  It’s the coal in the steel that makes it light and flexible, yet also strong enough to stand up to blows that would shatter iron.  Humanity isn’t weakness.  Fear and doubt and other imperfections are what make us beautiful and unique.  Haha!  Reminds me of a line a friend uses when trying to explain why he falls in love with crazy women.  “Everyone’s normal the same way.  Everyone’s crazy a little different.”

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