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My Saturday

January 30, 2010 - 7:41 pm

Today we went to the U District Farmers Market.  There were gorgeous winter veggies, and cheeses and meats and baked goods and honey sticks for Zack.  We came home with a Savoy cabbage, a bag of multi-colored carrots, and a fresh free-range organic chicken, all of which are in the process of becoming tasty dinner at the moment.

We also got a few honey sticks for Zack, some cheese, and smoked salmon.  And, finally, Z talked me into a splurge: cinnamon butter.  I put most of that up in the freezer to harden in an ice cube tray, so that we’ll have small portions  when we want to have a treat.  I also made us two slices of toast with butter that were shared with the neighbor kids, who were over playing.

After we got home, Z went over to play with the neighbors, and I gardened for an hour or so, setting the daffodil bulbs (finally!) and moving a poppy from the back yard to the front.  I hope the poppy deals with the transplant.  I could feel the stalks and roots cracking and breaking as I set them in the ground.  I know poppies resent transplanting.  Hopefully these make it; I set them to anchor the corners of the retaining wall.

The plan for dinner is roasted chicken with carrots, which is disappointing me by taking FAR TOO LONG to cook.  I finally siphoned off most of the stock, and it’s cooking better now.  We’re also having Tyrolean Savoy Cabbage, which is delicious.  I snook some out of the pot.

That’s a picture before the cooking.  Hopefully it’s done now.  I’m going to check.

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