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All Will Be Well

January 9, 2011 - 8:36 am

This song captured me yesterday.  We were driving home from a visit to the Peninsula, in the dark and fog, trying to hustle to beat the threatening snow, after a beautiful, happy, and fulfilling day, and I was struck by how happy I am.  All is well.  Truly.  Life is good.  As Gabe says, I am practicing my purpose once again.

We got up and out early, and raced onto the ferry. Z & David practiced for Z’s latest role; he’s the Music Man in The Music Man at school.  I knit on my silk purse project bag, and listened, helping to prompt Z as I could, and explaining bits of the plot to him.  Giving him context, explaining a bit about grifting.  All of us being happy, and practicing things that bring us joy.

We had a delicious breakfast at a cafe in Bainbridge, then drove to our friends in Port Townsend, arriving around noon.  Chris and Patty have 20 acres of woods and fields with creeks and critters, and it’s always so beautiful and inviting there.  We hung out a bit, until Chris took the boys out on a tromp through the forest and fields, and David, Patty, and I headed to Port Gamble to visit with Heidi.

Heidi’s studio The Artful Ewe was gorgeous and inspirational as always.  I gave her a moment of stress when I said, “I brought back my wheel;” she thought I meant I was trying to return it!  but then we sat and spun, and helped Patty with her socks, and put a spindle in her hands, which seemed to go well.  She and Heidi hit it off, as I had hoped they might.  Now Patty can help Heidi with shop chores, and Heidi can help Patty with knitting and spinning and dyeing.  I love introducing friends who should know each other!

We had wanted to have dinner with the Ferry’s, but the threat of snow sent us scurrying for home.  We stopped in Poulsbo, though, when it was clear that we were beating the storm.  Had mediocre Indian, but found ice cream at Mora that rivals our beloved Capo Giro in Philadelphia.  Z & D ran through the script again on the boat home, while I worked on a Secret Project.

The what of the day wasn’t as important as the how, though.  We were happy.  We were productive.  We were with friends in a beautiful place.  We were all looking forward to practicing our passions, and were supporting each other through it.  Our relationships are deepening, and it feels so good.

This is my life.  I have a comfortable job, and home.  I have a lover who is a friend, a son who is a delight, a craft that brings me pleasure and fulfillment.  I am making good friends, who enjoy each others’ company.  My life is good.

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Jennie Cauwels

January 11, 2011 8:36 am

Smiling over here for all of this goodness over there 🙂 See?

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