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March 24, 2011 - 11:56 am

I believe I’m going to start recording my fiber noodlings here. I’ve been posting bits of my adventure in Ravelry groups and recording bits in project notes and photo sets, but it would be nice to combine it all into a single location where there was chronology and coherence, so it would be easy to back-track a project through all the steps from fiber acquisition to FO.

I have been staying pretty mute online because I wanted to preserve the publishability of things I make in third party press. I am not going to let that stop me any more. I have proven to myself that I can get published if I try. I am more interested in sharing my process right now, and that lends itself more to a blog than a pattern or an article.

I may ret-con a blog archive out of older bits or writing and photography that have been filed in various places, at least for the various in process things at the moment. But for now, I believe I shall regularly record my fiber noodlings. I think this can work and be good for me and hopefully helpful for others.


Note here that I’m giving myself wiggle room. I may not do this. I may do it fitfully. But I think it would be enjoyable, and a more fitting format for what I’m doing right now. We’ll See. If I can re-up the notebook commitment I made at the beginning of the year, which has been going reasonably well, and add in some blog time during morning tea and lunch as well as notebook entries, I should be able to do this.


To that end, I’ve been spinning.  Lots.  There are now five and soon to be six wheels in the house.  I have the Babe that made me cry, which will be re-homed as soon as it’s repaired.  I have the Kromski Minstrel I bought myself for Channukah.  I have one Canadian Production Wheel I got from Craigslist for cheeeep, and a second I found via the CPW list on Ravelry.  One of the CPW’s will also be leaving; probably the Craigslist wheel after rehabbing.  David has an ancient (I believe) Irish flax wheel from his grandmother which she purchased as an antique right after getting married.  And there’s a Moswolt M2 on the way from the Netherlands scheduled to be delivered any day now.

I have spun many miles of singles since the beginning of the year, and I’m looking towards making this a career by the time I’m 50, so this doesn’t feel excessive.

Lately, I have been spinning a braid called “Henrietta” that was created by Urban GypZ and some batts I made myself from merino/tussah and firestar at Northwest Handspun.

Henrietta has gone from this:


to this:


And the merino/tussah/firestar has gone from this:


to this:


I want to write about how I did these things, but that will wait til next time.



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