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Weekend Fiber Chores

March 4, 2013 - 8:05 am

Between Madrona and the Visionaries retreat and it being February and therefore generally kind of a low energy time, many chores were left undone. This past weekend was a time for catching up. In addition to the mundane kitchen cleaning and floor vacuuming and laundry mountain, I sorted and washed a second fleece for Deb, and David & I tossed our stash.

The stash toss involves a sunny spring day that’s not too breezy, and dumping all the yarn out on a sheet on the porch, sorting it into categories, inspecting for pests, and then putting it back away.

From this:

Stash toss 2013

To this:

stash toss 2013

And then all back into boxes with new labels. This year we divided it by weight, by fiber type, and by whether we loved it or merely saw it as useful. A special category was made for “souvenir yarn” which is yarn we don’t expect to knit but reminds us of places and times, or is the scraps and remnants from memorable projects. We also sorted out a bunch both in the “love it” and the “useful” categories that would be good machine fodder.

More than half of the yarn is in the “useful” category. I believe that’s going to be moving to Metrix and be sold by the ounce to folks who want to start fiber projects there. Where I’m going to start teaching regular classes and hosting a regular fiber craft night shortly. But more on that later.

The fleece sorting was cut short by a breeze picking up and clouds rolling in. Not much to detail differently from the last operation, except that there was only minimal sorting this time. There was a bit of wool in the bag from the britch, which ordinarily I would have skirted but Deb asked for it to be kept:


The fleece is white. No really. even though it looked like this fresh out of the bag:


It has the same pattern of not having guard hair on the center back as the other fleece I processed for her. I sorted the neck wool into two bags and the back wool into two bags and the britch into its own; don’t remember the tie colors offhand but I’ll note them later. The rest all went into unmarked bags.

ETA: The blue tags are the neck wool, with wool that had more guard hair in one bag and wool that had less in the other. The yellow tags are the back wool.  The red is the britch.

Here’s a picture of it drying in the sun:

Fleece drying

See? white!!

And an obligatory cat in the sunshine picture:

Fleece drying

For those who asked about drying racks, I’m going to be making a second one probably later this week, and will blog it. If you’d like to follow along at home you will need:

  • A wire mesh shelf you don’t mind destroying:
  • 4 48″ shelf bracket strips:
  • A bunch of zip ties that will fit through the slots on the shelf
  • wire cutters or scissors to trim the ties

See you then!

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