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For Want of a Nail

December 16, 2014 - 1:50 pm

The studio is coming together beautifully, but is very much mid-process. I’ve got “before” pics stored up and will post those along with the “afters” when I get it all together. Notably, three of the four bays in the garage have lights!! This is huge.

I had plans to continue working on the organization this morning, and started by putting things away. When I went to put my tack hammer on the pegboard the pegs fell off. So I opened the drawer containing all the tape, and the bottom fell out. The picture below is after I cleared everything out and popped the fiberboard drawer bottom back into the side slots. But the back rail and the bottom are too warped to get them to play nice again. 


Yes, it’s another one of that sort of days. But never fear, I fixed it! 

I laid out the tools I thought I was going to use, and acquired a kitten helper:


My basic premise was to attach eyebolts at the back center and front sides, put a strong zip-tie through the back center eyebolt, lace a cord from a front eyebolt through the zip-tie loop and attach it to the other front eyebolt, then tighten the zip-tie to tension the whole thing.

The cord would help support the drawer bottom directly, and any extra weight in the drawer would increase the tension pulling the back rail forward, helping the drawer bottom stay in its groove. Perfect!

I didn’t have eyebolts, only hooks, but pliers made short work of closing them up:


I drilled a hole in the center back and used a screwdriver to help drive the eyebolt home:


Drilled the holes in the front for the forward eyebolts:


And then had a realization. The drawer won’t close if I have a bolt there. Derp.

Rethinking, I noticed Ikea had given me an attachment point you can see at the front of the drawer there, which was easy enough to lace a cord through:


But they hadn’t given me a matching one on the other side for some reason. So I figured out I could create enough space with a putty knife to slip the cord under the rail entirely:


But of course the drawer still wouldn’t close.  Grrrrr.

Not to be dissuaded I realized I could use my staple gun:


and staple the cord down in a way that wouldn’t interfere with the drawer. Success!


All that remained was to tighten the zip tie:


Restore the drawer to its slot and refill it with stuff:


And FINALLY tape up that pesky tack hammer that started it all:


In the meantime I found the errant plumbers putty that has been delaying the repair of our leaky kitchen sink basin. No more!!


Tune in later for the next installment of Adventures in Home Ownership!! 

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