Danger, Will Robinson

February 28, 2013 - 1:05 pm

Looking at the site in the new digs I realized it was slow. After a bit of poking about I realized the old theme was complex and the source of much of the slowness.  I went looking for a light, quick theme and found one in “Cleanr.” It’s fast and attractive, but it’s just a little too clean. Needs some life, and spice.

I have ideas for making a site that fits in with the fiber career I envision for myself, so I’m poking about in theme editing menus trying to wrap my rusty brain around unfamiliar code to do things like see an image *AND* the blog title in the header. And these red dates have to go; clearly they should be purple. I’m trying to limit the time I spend doing this instead of, you know, making stuff. We’ll see how that goes. But on the good news side of things, Myrtle’s back.

BizCardSheep 300pix

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