Autumn Hills BFL Farm Visit

September 18, 2013 - 10:46 am

Yesterday I went down to Curtis, Washington to visit Autumn Hills BFL Farm.


They sell fiber, ram lambs for breeding stock, and locker lambs. Their flock is fed grass exclusively; they hay their field in the spring when it’s outgrowing the sheep to have hay in the winter.


The ewes that aren’t up to muster as high quality breeding stock are bred to a bfl/suffolk ram to make bigger, tastier lambs. Penny is on that list because, even though she’s the friendliest in the flock, her fleece is sadly not very nice:


Patricia keeps both white and colored sheep in her flock and sells fleece for hand spinners. She has fading black and “black patterned” ewes. Black patterned appears to be the same marking pattern as badger-face in various breeds such as the CVM or katmoget in Shetlands. Their bodies are cream or grey, and their points are black, with distinctive white face markings. I love their roman noses!


She also has a border leicester ewe, and a couple old merino/bfl cross ewes from when she was deciding what breed to raise.


The fine fleeced BFL sheep are lovely. I wish I had gotten pictures of their fleeces up close, but this is a good example:


She shears in March- I’ll be going back to get some of that fiber, for certain! I came home with a nice BFL/Merino cross fleece. 

2013-09-18 11.40.20

Look at that crimp!

2013-09-18 11.40.39


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