Blue Mud, Revisited

December 29, 2011 - 11:53 am

The blue fuzzy sweater I posted about a couple weeks ago?  umm, yeah.  Ripped back from the bottom of the bust dart to the point where the arm connects.  I knit to the waist, started knitting a sleeve, and it became very clear the back wasn’t going to fit nicely.  Here are some shots:

sweater from the front

The front is good.  The front I like.  The short rows in the shoulder are helping fit my actual shape.  I’m in love with the detail of the broken rib in the raglan increases, and I expect to really, really like the hourglass shaping as it develops.  Very va-va-voom, which is what I was going for.

The back though?

Sweater from the back

Perhaps this doesn’t look awful (other than being a blurry iPhone snap) but it’s never going to be great.  I meant to put more of the back stitches into the sleeve and fewer into the back itself.  I wasn’t paying enough attention when I divided things up (I blame Doctor Who) and tried to convince myself it would be ok.  It’s not.  The back has a poof and the sleeve is pulling too tightly.

Here’s an annotated pic:



So, I’m taking a little break, knitting a few other things, and I’ll get back to the sweater Real Soon Now.  It’s sitting here in my desk WIP basket staring at me.

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