Good Morning Seattle

May 10, 2013 - 9:28 am


I had decided to take this morning to relax and have downtime.  I’ve been pushing myself so hard to the point of having anxiety issues, I have PMS and so feel a bit off, I’m looking forward to a fun but exhausting weekend with Zack, I could go on. I woke up and resting felt like the right thing, and I decided to honor that.

I wasn’t planning to blog, just spend the morning reading a book for the pleasure of its story- Robin Hobb’s Fool’s Fate. I’m at the part of the story when all the pieces she’s built up through six long and complicated books are crashing together into a conclusion that is huge and grinding and inevitable and beautiful and terrible as life can be.

It’s my second time through the series and I like it even more this time than last. I’ve been pushing so hard, though, I have turned only a few virtual pages on my Kindle Ap for iPhone in the past month, and you can imagine how small those are.


But then I looked out across the Bay, and saw the fog that had come in to obscure the skyline in spite of the bright blue sky. And there was the lilac and the birds at the feeder and life called me out. I need to share, I need to move, I need to bask in the sun for a while after sharing this and then walk to the beach, not because I need the break but because I want it. I want to feel the damp sand grinding and squeaking under my feet. I want to fill my lungs with the salted sea air spiced with the noisome life of the ocean floor exposed by the pull of the moon.


I don’t need a quiet day. I need a full day, not gently spent but stuffed full of nourishing beauty and glorious sensations washing me clean of fears and worries. Life will be. I am in it, and it is good.

Oh, and I have a Wacom Create cover! finished it last night:


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