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Saturday Morning Plans

February 28, 2009 - 8:30 pm

So.  It’s Saturday morning, 9:15am.  I just finished breakfast and am enjoying tea and a kitten at the dining room table.  Er, drinking the tea and petting the kitten.  Not having kitten for breakfast.  See:

Anyway.  I have Things to Do this weekend.  On my mind at the moment:

Creating the last chart for Squid’s shrug.  Ahhh, communing with Visiknit, and then a graphics editor.  How I wish David & I had gotten further in our programming efforts.  I would like to be able to just work in Visiknit, but, alas.  Not this week.  Maybe next weekend we  can both dedicate some working time.  I think we came up with a good high level plan for how to improve the application last weekend, but he’s rusty at Python.  I, on the otherhand, am just learning it, and am rusty at everything. So going will be slow.

Bonding with my new phone!  skwi.  I have a new Samsung propel I bought it last night!  It has a full keyboard, but was cheeeep!  I got new phones for Z & me plus a 4G memory stick for the low low price of $50.  It was a BOGO deal, and we both had hardware credits on our lines.  Does he really need a text capable phone?  probably not.  Will he in the next two years?  probably.  And I’ve been impressed with the durability of the Samsungs.  It looks like this:

although that picture suggests there is a GPS and turn-by-turn directions, which is not the case.  I should see if I can get it hooked up to the Tom Tom stuff I bought for the Palm a few years ago.  First though, contacts and bluetooth connections to my ear bud and computers and blah blah blah.  Plus teaching Z how to send and read text messages, and (hopefully) he’s old enough to grock voicemail, too.  We’ll see.

I need to debug Z’s mac.  This thing is old enough and has been enough trouble that I am seriously considering going down to Springboard and trading it in for a newer one.  It’s 4 years old now.  It’s had a light duty cycle, but I can’t keep it going, and I’m sick of fighting with it.  A bunch of the games Z wants to play won’t run on it.  And the SIMM keeps popping loose and causing it to die, forcing me to open it’s chinese puzzle box case. Meh.  So there may be shopping.

If there is shopping, I want to go to Fabric Row, too, and get interfacing.  And perhaps some larger toggle buttons for the Ficchu.  The concept of just pushing the little toggle buttons through the knitting is a FAIL.

Floors and bathrooms must be cleaned this weekend.  That is all.

I need to make bread, and I want to make cookies.

I have a growing backlog for knitting bags.  Must dedicate some quality time to sewing.

The kitchen fishtank needs a cleaning.  That’s a 15 minute job, but still needs to happen.  And I should clean the filter on the big tanks; that didn’t get done last weekend when I cleaned them.

And gardening!  Must plant stuff in the ground today.  I should also put up flats of laminastrum for Keet’s yard, which necessitates a trip to Home Depot for garden mix.  Can get seed starting stuff as well.

That seems like about a week’s worth of work to accomplish this weekend.  Ok!  paring down and prioritizing.  Gardening must be done today, and in daylight, so that should happen after lunch, when it’s a bit warmer.  I can make the HD trip this morning for supplies. I should also check on Z’s mac, so that I know if I can get it to limp along a bit further, or need to go trade it in.  So after I finish tea, it’s mac, then HD, then lunch, then gardening.  The phone and Squid’s chart can be tonight’s evening computer puttering tasks.

House cleaning can be the traditional Sunday family task.  If there’s a shopping trip, that can be the incentive for getting the cleaning done expeditiously.  Maybe I’ll get some sewing wedged into corners of time here and there somewhere.  The baking can happen easily enough when some other meal is getting made.  If I can’t get the sewing to happen this weekend, I’ll dedicate weeknight time this week to it.  I think I’m feeling better enough that it’s a realistic goal.

Ok!  Tea is finished, and it’s a plan!  Let’s see how it survives first contact with the enemy.  😉


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