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Note to a Friend

March 1, 2009 - 4:28 pm

I wrote this to a friend who is in a bit of a rough spot, and wanted to capture it here.

The universe sure feels like it has it in for you, eh? I admire your ability to keep forcing your spirits back up. I know how hard that can be. Truly, it is admirable that you haven’t just quit and let yourself wallow in misery. I am certain you are feeling the temptation, and also having those moments when you want to scream at something that it’s unfair unfair unfair!! But you’re getting yourself through those times, and on to the next thing. That makes you a pretty hoopy frood in my book. 🙂

And it makes me want to help! I want to laugh with you, because really that’s when you remember why it’s all worth putting up with, that there’s a reason to bother with tomorrow, and the day after that. Because there is, you know? There’s Mmmmmalabrigo and cake waffles and the way that the low sun glints in the morning while those little birds are singing in the bushes outside your window. There’s coffee and knitting and going outside without a coat for the first time at the end of winter. Life hurts so much!! But it’s also full of beauty and pleasure that will take your breath away, if you remember to notice. I want to help you remember the other stuff, the good stuff. It’s all still here for you.


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