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Sunday Break Time

March 1, 2009 - 8:28 pm

Made steel cut oats this morning in a microwave rice cooker.  I think I used too much water; it was done but still soupy, so I had to finish it on the stove top.  Made enough for the week, though.

It’s been a busy weekend, but mostly productive and relaxing.  Laundry’s all done, and the household laundry is folded.  Still need to fold mine & z’s clothes, but that’s quick.  First floor is picked up, although the dining room table has a pile of things that need to be put away.

Zach is pleasantly cleaning the bathrooms and cat boxes for an allowance, with the understanding that he sets his pace and does what he wants, but if he’s not done by bedtime, no allowance.  He’s on pace to be done before dinner- good on him!

I’m feeling good about the state of the house now.  Still a bit more to do, but it should be a relaxing evening with a tidy, comfortable house and that feeling of accomplishment.  I have the master bed to change, and the second & first floors to sweep, but I’ll make short work of that after my apple.  🙂


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