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Kerry Hill

May 31, 2011 - 8:58 pm

I received a box of rare breed fiber from sarahw this Saturday; she offered some samples form fleeces she has on Ravelry.

First off, look at these guys, they’re adorable!



I like this fiber.  A lot.  Enough that I’ve reached out to the only farm in the US with any Kerry Hill bloodlines; they are trying to breed up from AI, and currently have some 75% animals.  It’s difficult to get fleece from the UK, because it must be quite thoroughly washed to make it through customs.

Here are the first few samples I spun up:


I also included a handful of unprocessed fiber, a nest of combed sliver and a rolag form the waste of that combing in the picture.

The sample in the upper left is spun long draw from carded combing waste.  The little one on top of the washed fiber was finger spun right out of the bag when I first opened it.  The rest were spun from combed sliver in various ways: some worsted, some woolen, some two ply, some three ply, and at various thicknesses.

I only tried a little bit as laceweight.  The sample fleece I have has very little crimp, so spun tightly it turns into wire, and spun loosely the laceweight drifts apart.  You can see what I managed across the top of the combed samples; it just about completely untwisted in the bath.  In the thicker singles, though, the scales on the wool seem very grabby.  Even the carded fiber wanted to pull itself into a tight, smooth single.

As soon as it hit the water of the finishing bath it poofed out into a fluffy, springy yarn.  I can’t really tell the worsted from the long draw samples after their bath.  I can pick carded fiber sample mostly because it’s the longest, but I can see that it’s slightly more uneven than the other bits.  I still like the little fingerspun bit the best, but it was pleasant to spin and has a very soft, springy character.

I will also say it wants to felt like a stone.  I didn’t give it any agitation in the bath, and it was still sticking to itself.

I want MOAR!  What possessed me to purchase a box full of unobtanium?




June 1, 2011 8:58 pm

I thought I was seeing things when I saw this post title pop up in my reader – because <a href=""I blogged about SarahW’s Kerry hill yesterday, too! I spun it longdraw, from the fold of a flicked lock, and put a fair bit of twist into the yarn. I haven’t washed it yet, but I’m looking forwards to doing so: I think the potential for ‘poof’ is great.


June 13, 2011 8:58 pm


Thanks for linking to my Kerry Hill blog. We still have some 50% and a bit of 75% wool left. Let me know (big difference between the 50 and 75 love to hear if there is a difference also with the 100%

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