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2 hour knitted skirt

April 8, 2013 - 9:13 pm

Tonight at Metrix I knit a skirt in two hours. Which is kind of awesome.  It was my first time using the bulky knitting machine for an actual project.

I started with a bag of Nashua Handknits Geologie wool in Citrine:

Nashua Geologie Citrine

And knit through one skein across the full bed of needles on the bulky machine at tension 5. It was about the perfect length for a skirt, which was my dream for this yarn. I had seen this skirt:

And wanted to try something similar.

So I joined on another ball, put 10 std in hold, and began short rowing, adding two needles per pair of rows to the hold position until I had worked across the bed, then shifting all the needles back into work at once and picking up the short rows. The triangle was just about one more ball.

I continued working a plain panel for one ball and a short rowed panel for one ball, working through 8 balls total.

The skirt is gorgeous.  I need to kitchener the seam together, add an elastic waistband and lining, and decide how I want to finish the hem, but I’m ecstatic. Pictures tomorrow. Everyone at Metrix was gobsmacked that I churned out yards and yards of fabric in two hours.



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