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Spring, Seeds, and the World’s Most Spoiled Birds

April 10, 2013 - 11:13 am

I have a pair of green singer finch.  They are in a cage designed for breeding cockatiels or single parrots- in other words it’s gigantic for finch. They get live mealworms and the best organic birdseed, and warm water for bathing at least once a week. I even lined their nest with a knitted yak cozy:

Spoiled birds.

The thing I struggle with is keeping their greens fresh.  they enjoy them for approximately a microsecond after being picked. So I’m going to replace the floor of their cage with garden flats full of tasty greens and grasses.

I started the seeds over the weekend, and they just started to sprout.


I’m watching them grow hour by hour. I love Spring! I’m sure the birds will be happy when they get access to the flats, but I want to wait till there is enough growth to support them. 



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