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Too Much Too Soon?

May 8, 2013 - 8:58 am

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In the past week and near future, Hack Your Clothes is getting tons of publicity.


My feelings about this are swinging between extremes from “Wow, I really seem to be tapping into something awesome and big” to “ZOMG, NOT READY!!  Waaaaaaiiiit!!” But waiting is the wrong thing. It’s time for me to carpe that diem and be ready, now.

Today I will get through enough of the Textile Lexicon to make it a Thing. That should give me the vocabulary I need to write a good tee-shirt construction tutorial, and to write up general instructions for the traveling tech gear wrapper I am making for my Create tablet. 

I’ve decided I’m not going to offer tutorials for free. At all. I want to establish right from the start that these have value. Knitting authors do themselves a disservice by giving away patterns as the default. I’d like to change that ethic, at least for professionally tech edited clothes hacking tutorials.

To that end, if anyone out there wants to help me with tech editing these tutorials, let me know. I’ll be looking for an editor for the first couple in a few weeks, and want to get the custom corset course out by the end of the year, if possible.

I envision it as a book-length piece with a dozen or so tutorials, starting with measuring, then creating a sloper, drafting a pattern, determining what materials are needed, sourcing them, sewing up (which will probably be several tutorials), finishing, and wearing.

The looks on the faces of both men and women when I mention this project are inspiring; folks seem to feel so vulnerable about not knowing how to sew. Some are brusque and defensive to the point of being almost derisive at first, but with some encouragement their resistance melts into avid interest. Others approach me at Metrix when I’m knitting on the machines or sewing with wide eyes and open enthusiasm.

It is at once thrilling and terrifying to be the focus of their attention. I want to do well by them, and reward their interest with the tools they need to be successful at whatever their clothes hacking goals are. I don’t feel ready for this, but it’s time for me to be ready anyway. Never has “Ready or not, here I come!” felt so apropos. 

Yesterday’s goals were never voiced, but they sort of devolved into me watching the hit counter spin out of control after Amy sent the announcement to the Knitty list.

Today I will beef up the lexicon. I have a list of about 30 terms I want to define. I know I will add more as I write those. I want to bang out a couple thousand words, and then reward myself by going to Metrix and making the cover for the Create.

Today’s goals:

  • At least 2000 words of textile lexicon. Preferably much more, but writing definitions is surprisingly taxing.
  • Sew the Bamboo Create Cover
  • Plant succulents and thymes
Already accomplished:
  • Accepted the booth at Maker Fair
  • Accepted the request to be featured on MadeWithPaper
  • Exercised, meditated, breakfasted, etc. Morning routine is working well.
  • Started a Time Machine back-up of my laptop



July 21, 2013 8:58 am


You need merely ask. I’ll provide any sort of editing/proofreading you need. Ethiopian feast optional. 😛

Lemme know!


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